Truly a shopper’s delight! Any & everything under one roof, coming with a stamp of unmatched quality & design – Mrs. Shahida Ahmed, Kolkata

Amazing variety used in a unique & innovative way. One could never have imagined the amazing ways in which steel can be used, particularly, when set in such an attractive environment. Best wishes for great success ahead – Mr. Siani Suri, Kolkata

Great beginning to glamorise steel and weave it in life of the people – K K Ahuja, New Delhi.

Steel has always been a part of our lives. Be it steel utensils, the razor blade we use every morning while shaving or the re-bars that support our homes. Omnipresent, the everyday metal surfaces almost everywhere, lends its hand in almost every activity we do. But buying steel has not been a very pleasant experience for most of us. You must have also skipped, jumped and hopped from one store to another, often dingy, dug out in some cranny, for nuts, hinges and home utensils. Have relied on carpenters, plumbers and mechanics to bail you out. Not happy with design, quality or price, you might have kept quiet, withstanding your predicament.

Realising this Tata Steel decided to foray into organised steel retailing. This initiative is testimony to the organisation’s undying spirit for experimentation and to break new ground. To catalyse steel consumption in emerging mass markets of India and to build downstream retailing excitement for steel as a category, Tata Steel spearheaded the company’s entry into pure play retailing for steel products with its first pilot store ‘steeljunction’ in Kolkata. This is India’s first organised steel retail store. Tata Steel hopes that ‘steeljunction’ would be a platform that would bring together vendors & manufacturers to understand consumer buying behaviour for steel and innovate and develop newer products & services that add value to the end customer and makes steel buying pleasurable.

A unique shopping experience - steeljunction is a family steel shop. Here you will get everything in steel. Things you need for your everyday use, things your garden, kitchen, bathroom, living room, broken chair, yet-to-be-made home require. The store showcases both leading Indian and international brands, assuring you dependable quality and reasonable price. steeljunction attempts to create a unique retail experience for you and your family, and in the process, displays the versatility of steel - from its functionality to its aesthetics.

A one stop shop - The sprawling 23000 sq. ft. store is divided into two floors. The ground floor houses hardware and home construction items. The first floor has everything to embellish your home and body - gymnasium equipment, kitchenware, bathroom fittings, tableware, modular kitchens, lifestyle products, jewellery and more.

So no more splitting headaches, swollen legs and cursing yourself for jumping on the trail of imported-but-inexpensive forks in some far-flung market. Go ahead. Steelshop till you drop in a friendly shopping ambience and discover a whole new world in steel.

Vision ‘steeljunction’

To create a unique retail experience that displays the versatility of steel - from its functionality to its aesthetics.

To build a specialty chain of stores that will bring innovation to steel products and make steel buying pleasurable.

Mission ‘steeljunction’

We will understand our consumer needs and help our vendors innovate and develop such products.

We will showcase steel as a material of choice that is environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and functionally resilient.

We will establish Tata Steel as a significant player in the Steel Retail Industry and being the first mover will capture consumer loyalty.

We will strive to improve the quality of lives for all those who we will serve.

Values ‘steeljunction’

Customer Focus



Knowledge Dissemination

High Ethical Standards & Integrity


In an environment of Trust

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